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Update PCANopen Magic ProS and PCANopen Magic ProDS

European customers must order from our European store at www.canopenstore.eu.

Professional CANopen configuration, simulation and analysis tool. High accuracy timestamps, Electronic Datasheet support, network configuration and easy PDO configuration!

Price: $999.00
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Purchasing the update will give you access to an additional year of updates and support. 

Note for PCANopen Magic DS the upgrade is for the PC analysis and configuration software only.

Some Recent Improvements and Features

PCANopen Magic ProS is a professional grade CANopen development and simulation tool, indispensable for assisting in the development and debugging of CANopen based networks. Using PCANopen Magic ProS, a CANopen network may be monitored, configured, simulated and analyzed. Timings of message transmissions can be observed, allowing comparison against network specifications. Nodes may be quickly and easily configured and test messages generated with a minimum of effort. Learn more...