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CANopen Architect Professional

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Electronic Datasheet creation and editing tool. Create and edit electronic datasheets and device configuration files. Check electronic datasheets for correctness. Command line interface, PDO configuration, documentation export.

Price: $670.00

Electronic Datasheets (EDS) are files which describe the capabilities of CANopen nodes, and are therefore central to CANopen. EDS files are most commonly used when CANopen modules are sold or made available to third parties. They provide a standardized and easy to use format for describing how CANopen nodes can be integrated into networks. They can also serve as an in-house documentation of the node.

CANopen Architect Professional allows quick and easy generation and editing of EDS files. Files can be built from scratch or based on one of the versions in the included library. The user interface presents the contents of the EDS file in a tree view, allowing quick and easy editing of any aspect.

CANopen Architect Professional also supports the creation and editing of Device Configuration Files (DCF). DCFs are the same as EDS files but contain real settings from a specific node. Unlike many other EDS editors, CANopen Architect supports the editing of data that is specific to DCFs.


The following is a list of features in CANopen Architect Professional. The list is not exhaustive by any means, but does give a good overview of the abilities of the software.


Click on a thumbnail to show a close up of the screenshot.

  • Main Window  » Click to zoom ->

    Main Window

  • Word document export  » Click to zoom ->

    Word document export

  • Console window  » Click to zoom ->

    Console window

  • PDO configuration window  » Click to zoom ->

    PDO configuration window

  • Configuration choice during export  » Click to zoom ->

    Configuration choice during export

  • EDS Checker  » Click to zoom ->

    EDS Checker

  • Configurations  » Click to zoom ->


  • Editor  » Click to zoom ->


  • Editing an entry  » Click to zoom ->

    Editing an entry

  • Editing file information  » Click to zoom ->

    Editing file information

  • Editing device information  » Click to zoom ->

    Editing device information

  • Editing device commissioning  » Click to zoom ->

    Editing device commissioning

  • Object Dictionary with custom groups  » Click to zoom ->

    Object Dictionary with custom groups

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Pricing is per seat. Quantity discounts available.


CANopen Architect runs on Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (32-bit and 64-bit). Internet connection is required for activation.


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Price: $670.00