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CANopen File Player

European customers must order from our European store at www.canopenstore.eu.

Replay CANopen log files and Concise Device Description Files

Price: $550.00

The commercial version of our flexible file player, includes one year of technical support.

The file player can replay in real-time various files onto the CAN bus. It requires a PEAK CAN interface. Supported formats include:

This allows quick and easy reproduction of background traffic for standardizing testing, analysis of previous network operation and debugging of networks. Files can be played at full speed or singles-stepped through to play one message at a time.

The Concise DCF CSV file option allows sophisticated test sequences to be constructed, including sequences for interacting with bootloaders, with support for:


CANopen Magic Standard can run on Windows 7/8/8.1/10 with .NET Framework 4.0+Any PEAK or Kvaser CAN interface is required. CANopen Magic Standard can work with any of the currently available interfaces.

Price: $550.00