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Development Services

European customers must order from our European store at www.canopenstore.eu.

We provide a full development service using experienced Engineers who have all been working in the Embedded Systems industry for over 10 years.

Price: Varies depending on requirements

The engineers of the Embedded Systems Academy have experience in a wide variety of hardware, software and networking aspects of embedded systems applications. Our most popular consulting jobs are "Project Kick-Starts" for microcontrollers from Atmel, Infineon or Philips. For CANopen slave implementations we offer a training and consulting package with a 1-week prototyping guarantee.

We are especially knowledgeable in embedded networking and Internetworking solutions for cost sensitive applications. Many of our projects involved CAN, CANopen or TCP/IP implementations for 8-bit or 16-bit microcontrollers.

"I want to thank you for handling our problems promptly. Your service was excellent. ESAcademy has proven to be a valuable resource and you have my future business."
Paul Harris, Aurora Multimedia

Microcontrollers we have used in consulting projects

Many 8051 and ARM derivatives from different manufacturers such as Atmel, NXP, Infineon, Triscend, etc.

Some of the consulting projects we worked on involved

Implementing a CAN - Internet gateway with a web server based on a Philips 8xC591 (8-bit) and a Philips XA-G49 (16-bit)

  • Infineon C167CS
  • Philips 8xC591
  • Atmel 89C51CC01
  • STMicroelectronics ST7
  • Motorola S12DJ64, S12DG128
  • Zilog Z80 with external Infineon CAN controller
  • CAN and CANopen
  • Embedded Internetworking
  • Shorten Time-To-Market Solutions
  • Philips 16-bit XA architecture
  • ARM7TDMI derivatives

Please contact us with your requests and we will try to accommodate your needs!

Price: Varies depending on requirements