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Micro J1939

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Powerful and flexible J1939 compliant source code. Designed for small footprint applications.

Price: Varies depending on requirements

Micro J1939 is a small-footprint, commercial-grade implementation with advanced features. Ideal for situations requiring medium configurability during run-time and great performance on any type of platform.

The base stack contains everything to develop a fully standards compliant J1939 node where all transmitted or received PGNs are eight bytes or less.

Portable. Micro J1939 is written in 100% standard ANSI C code allowing for straightforward porting. For targets without standard support packages, designers familiar with their target processor can easily perform the port themselves. Or, ask us for a quote to add support to your target!

Compact. ROM Specifications: 4K - 14K bytes depending upon processor and options selected.

An Affordable Pricing Structure. Micro J1939 offers a low, one-time fee and no royalties on deployed products and includes all source code with every purchase.

Feature Highlights

The following is a non-exhaustive overview of features in Micro J1939:

What's Included

Full documentation is supplied. All software products include a one-year maintenance and priority support agreement that can be extended anytime.

Currently Available Ports

A range of compiler and microcontroller combinations are available. For unsupported combinations you can either perform the port yourself or we can perform it for you.  Please contact us with your requirements for more information.

Price: Varies depending on requirements